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Why do you practice? Physically, mentally, internally, externally. Why do you take yourself to the matt? Or sit down and meditate? 

The reason of practice can change over time or even day by day. Sometimes to relax, be strong, just to breath, look fit, frustration, getting the crazy out or just for fun. You can start doing upside tricks on the matt eventually to end up in a long pranayama, meditation or with sweet long savasana which might be the best bit of your practice.

I am not sure how and why but I found myself on the matt somewhere in my 20s. On and off the matt i started enjoying it more but also started to feel better in myself. To experience more of that with good weather and food, I traveled to Kovalam, India to practice Hatha yoga and get introduced to Ayurveda. It was just getting better and better! 

Following the curiosity and wanting to escape London for a bit, I went to do my 300hrs Kaula Tantra Yoga yoga training at Durga’s Tiger School, in Casa Kiliku, Quito, Ecuador. Now that was incredible! Complete roller coaster of emotions aswell. I experienced what is really to breath ‘deeper’ , pushing my body and mind to limits!! There was no turning back! How do I keep this going but also share it?!  I was high on life and had a plan.

​Back in London I kept practicing and learning, did a restorative training with Anna Ashby and intro do prenatal  & pregnancy yoga with Lolly Stirk at Triyoga London. Getting stronger and maybe bit wilder on the matt I decided to do my 200hrs Rockety Vinyasa training with Marcus Veda, Hannah Whittingham and Christian Di Giorgio (the incredible anatomy teacher! ) at Good Life School, London. My practice evolved like crazy but also my knowledge/ vision expanded so much. Yin training on the way with Yoga People. 

Yoga is my base but I believe there are so many other ways to explore breath and movement. I keep exploring different methods/ trainings and teachers..For me, it is a journey with no end, I will keep growing and sharing.

Currently, continuing my growth whilst giving private / corporate  and studio classes in London.

I offer dynamic vinyasa classes (ashtanga and rocket based) and also beginner friendly yoga and breath awareness sessions with more restorative practices. And watch out for exciting collabs /workshops with sounds, crystal bowl sound bath.


Get in touch for classes or retreats and lets play!

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