Kaula Tantra Yoga

Kaula Tantra Yoga is a meditative yoga practice with a powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra and energy work. Asanas are approached from a place of relaxation, care, and love for ourselves. This yoga series is practiced in a slow and flowing manner to build patience and awareness. Through holding the poses gently and relaxing into the postures, you will naturally increase your strength, flexibility and precision. Always, listening and respecting your body and its limits. 

In Kaula Tantra Yoga the practice is guided giving emphasis to the relaxation and the “let go” of tensions and blockages by focusing on our breath and listening our bodies. Living in a society which asks us to DO always, be productive, be active, be efficient, in Kaula we practice ‘not to do’ , being ‘here and now’.

During shavasana, we create space where body can make changes in all levels and prepare for next asana from the state of emptiness and relaxation. This is a tool for every moment in which we are stressed by something that we have to solve or a lot of things happening in life, we remember to stop relax, let go and prepare ourselves for the next action from emptiness and relaxation.


Kaula Tantra practice is particularly beneficial for opening the root, sacral and solar chakras: 

Root chakra is associated with the feeling of safety, contentment and grounding. Balancing; squat, bridge, warrior 2, uttanasana, shavasana. Sacral chakra is the energy centre that focuses on creation, intimacy and enjoyment. It affects the reproductive organs and digestive tract. Our energy centre affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Balancing; hip and pelvic opening and poses you use your abdominal muscles. Solar or Naval chakra, energy of personal power, or life force energy, regulates the solar plexus (of nerves), the digestive system and the pancreas. Balancing; poses that engage core strength or twist the abdomen. 





Meditation session is to settle awareness, stillness and deeper connection to your body and mind. I combine dynamic and sited meditation depending on our theme of the day, your mood and experience.  My inspirations are the teachings of Tantra, Eckhart Tolle, SadhGuru and the Sufi whirling. Sometimes silence and stillness will arrive through movement, music and dance. Our sitted meditations are based on visualisations and observation of the breath and inner body.