27 JAN '19 SUNDAY - 18.45

@ EVOKE,  N4 1FS

‘‘Any change into a new state of being is the result of the fullness of Nature unfolding inherent potential’’ Patanjali Yoga Sutras


Taking the opportunity of full moon and lunar eclipse happening on 21st, i invite you to flow with this beautiful energy and root ourselves as we accept the changes happening and welcome this  new cycle. We will start with a grounding meditation, an activating breath work and carry this conscious awareness of breath through our practice. Our practice will be a combination of Slow Flow and Restorative yoga and we will end with a blissful relaxation through the sounds of Crystal Bowls. Everything will be provided so just bring your selves as you are <3


13 DEC '18 - 19.15

Chisenhale Dance Space,  

E3 5QZ

Our practice will focus on an approach that brings us to the here and now. By bringing repetitive phrases we will push physical boundaries which will allow us to improvise. We will be using stillness, movement and sounds to reconnect to our creative center. Focusing on our energy center, navel, hará through breath we will expand and move our life energy. Prepare ourselves for a new cycle, new year with a new energies. 

We will begin with breath work, start moving within and without, ending up in stillness surrendering ourselves to a journey with the vibration sound of a crystal bowls.


29 OCT '18 - 19.15

Chisenhale Dance Space,  

E3 5QZ

October full moon is coming soon. This one is called Hunter Moon, referring to preparation for the winter and changes to come. Whether we feel the affects or not, moon energy is good a time for us to unite and share the space. 

Switching into Autumn and coming to an end of cycle, it feels natural to go more inwards and slow down. As an affect of that I have been working a lot with the heart through movement and meditation. I would love share this heart opening and soothing sequence followed by crystal bowls sound bath where the sound and vibrations will take you to a journey. All you need do is just be as you are and we will flow together.


24 SEP '18  | 19.15 



Recognising the power of moon, the feminine energy and abundance each lunar cycle brings to us. We will re-connect back into our body and emotions, to seek out what we are holding on to and together we will create space to release what we no longer need.


We will combine pranayama, yoga and meditation through Kaula Tantra Yoga practice. Pranayama (controlled breathing) will be to expand our life force within our body, both energising and relaxing. Feeling the subtle energies of the full moon, we will slowly flow through poses and go deeper into them with breath consciousness. Guided meditation with sounds will bring us to NOW, to stillness, helping us to create a space of emptiness to go into a deep state of relaxation.


Our heart opening night will close with a warm herbal tea and gratitude.