Designer of spaces and movement instructor based in London.

Portfolio of work extending to residential, hospitality, exhibition and set design. Previously worked with Heatherwick Studio, Michealis Boyd Associates, Wilkinson Eyre and Ushida Findlay Architects.

I work both as a design consultant helping you to conceptualise the idea of space or go all the way with you to execution. This could be designing architectural elements or picking the right furniture to form the space with a story.

Residential Projects
Every home has a story that is created by people's rituals, of both physical and emotional needs. Your safe space that is functional. Reflection of you. Whether it is a refurbishment of existing, new build, an extension or furniture curation, happy to be involved.


Public Projects
Spaces to be and share. Restaurants, cafe, exhibitions, galleries, yoga, dance, sport studios.. Where the story is based on more then one.  An interrogation of social, physical, emotional and functional needs to create a curation where everyone and everything flows.

How do you create a story for one frame. An emotion an idea a norm a manifesto a product a way of being. Fascinated by all the work that goes in it for capture. Fashion, music, still or moving I would love to create a set with you! Crazy calm real unreal all welcome. 

Contact for more portfolio of works and link to >> cv 

Mover me
I also move, breathe and meditate for many years now. 
Movement comes in many shapes as i still discover and try many forms in dance, motion, yoga i teach dynamic and restorative types of yoga. More of that here and follow me on @moveplaybreath