In 2014, I decided to go deeper into her practice and traveled to Kovalam, India to practice Hatha yoga and get introduced to Ayurveda. Following this path, I received my 300hrs Yoga Alliance Kaula Tantra Yoga instructor certificate from Durga’s Tiger School, in Casa Kiliku, Quito, Ecuador. Since then I dedicated myself to share this life changing experience. I believe, tantra is a path, a journey where you explore and connect to your body, mind and true-self deeper. 


Tantra teaches us that creativity is a vital part of life and everybody has a creative energy inside, waiting to be awakened. For the last few years, I have been working with different disciplines such as improvisation, rhythmic/musical and energetic body work. I hold a certificate of Clown Basic with Bonts International Clown School, Spain. All these tools were great complement for exploring the human body and perception deeper.


Based in London, continuing my growth whilst giving my private classes and working within a beautiful charity OURMALA. Recently completed a restorative teaching training with Anna Ashby and discovered th ebueaty of stillness once again.


I offer both dynamic flow classes, restorative practice and sound bath with crystal bowls. Restorative side of this practice is meditative aiming to bring awareness to physical body and connect to breath. I believe in the power of imagination and breath consciousness which can be introduced into our daily life with practice. 


From the first time I met Nilly, she was shinning. Bright, light, warm and inviting, she exudes radiance. I have seen her approach her limits and dance with her own shadows as if they were her partner, with respect, with grace, and with a smile. Nilly has the innate gift of manifestation, effortlessly bringing dreams to earth. Her ability to connect others, seeing the need for a certain energy and weaving together the right people necessary for completion and creation is an art form. 

Catherine-Ayer Gresham

Administrator and Yoga Master at Durga´s Tiger School, Ecuador

Doing Yoga with Nilufer was an amazing experience. She tailored the session according to my abilities and was patient with harder positions, gently helping me get there step by step. Her warm energy made me feel welcome and relaxed, this was important to me as someone who'd only done yoga from Youtube videos before. I also joined her for dynamic meditation, which was super energising, I never knew meditation could involve dancing.

Deniz Tekkul

London, UK

When I met Nilli I started surfing in Ecuador. Crashing off the board and being in positions my body wasn’t used to made me very stiff. Next to that I was struggling with some decisions that had to be made. I was quite unbalanced. Nilli saw my struggle and offered me a private Yoga class. The Kaula Tantra Yoga was new for me. The beginning was a bit out of my comfort zone but Nilli made me feel at ease and was focused completely on my well-being. All and all a really pleasant experience. Can’t wait to do it again soon!

Madelon Doesburg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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